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Default OCMod Manager (Modifications) in Opencart has many drawbacks. The common questions asked by Opencart community are

  • How do I know which OCMods have generated error? It is impossible to go through the log and identify the ones caused the error?
  • How do I know which are the development extensions installed?
  • How do I edit OCMod if I want to make quick changes?
  • How do I uninstall a OCMod completely including the additional files it added during installation?

Friendly OCMod is an extension which is a solution for all these. It is useful for both OCMod developers as well as store owners. Once you know about this extension, you will wonder how you managed with your extensions all these days

Basic features include

1. Opencart by default shows only the extensions installed through installer. It won't show the extensions manually copied to system folder or which are under development. This extension will help you view both. The 'Type' column will show if it is installed or the development extension
2. Any extensions which has generated an error will be shown in Blue color. This lets you know quickly that something is wrong
3. A button is provided to view the logs generated by the extension. No need to go through lengthy logs and and manually analyze it
4. Edit any OCMod from browser itself. While saving it will be refreshed automatically. This is a handy feature for developers. You don't have to refresh manually after each and every change.
5. Any extensions installed after using this extension can be completely uninstalled. It will delete the associated files of the extension keeping your Opencart folder clean
6. Use CTRL + S short cut key while editing the OCMod from browser to save the OCMod and regenerate files

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