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Hidden Menus

This extension hides Opencart Administration menu items which the user does not have access to.Unlik..


Hightlight Active Category

This extension will highlight the current category in the main menu relevant to the page visitor is ..


Import Toolkit - Import products from any shopping site or feed

There are several extensions available which lets you import a feed from a supplier or a dropshipper..


Intelligent Currency

A must-have extension for all mutli-currency storesCustomers prefer to see the prices in their local..


Intelligent Custom Fields for Products

This extension allows you to add unlimited number of custom fields on product page. Below field..


International Checkout

Expand your buyer network...Reach to shoppers from around the world.This extension enables internati..


Maximum quantity purchase restriction

This extension will allow you to restrict maximum quantity the customer can buy for any product. If ..


Maximum quantity purchase restriction (PER CUSTOMER) New

Maximum quantity purchase restriction (PER CUSTOMER)

This is an advanced version of below extensionMaximum quantity purchase restrictionIn addition to re..


Nivoslider for Opencart

Replace your slideshow with more powerful, professional and flexible NivosliderSome of the features ..


Per Product Shipping Rates

You can have more control over the shipping cost by defining separate rate for each product. When th..


Print Reports or Export to PDF

Printing reports in Opencart is never an easy task. Pagination of the reports and styling makes prin..


Product Slider Carousel

Cross selling and SEO are two important factors of any eCommerce sites. This module helps you achiev..


Product wise bulk buy discount

You can now offer discounts for bulk buying using this very easy to use extension. You can create an..


SEO Tool - Open Search

Open search is way to search for products in your website from the address bar of the browsers like ..


Set product image from URL

Don't download and then upload product images to Opencart. Save time and effort with this extension...